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Employees in Birmingham should be protected from bullying and harassment in the workplace. Typical accounts of bullying are:

  • continuous critical remarks from a fellow employee in reference to an efficient staff member for no reason
  • belittling a worker by changing normal duties or giving trivial responsibilities much below their aptitude and abilities
  • setting an individual up to fail, by assigning a complex and demanding workload or setting impossible to meet time limits when assigning a task
  • berating of, or shouting at a co-worker, when no managerial or supervisory connection exist between the two
  • never-ending nitpicking regarding petty issues or groundless complaints about a worker’s quality of product or output results
  • habitually and intentionally leaving a worker out of activities
  • frequently making someone the object of antics, pranks or jokes, which might further comprise harassment based on race or sexual orientation or even sexual harassment
  • attacks on a person’s character or disclosing intimate information about someone, even when such information may be false or has no effect on duties or obligations at work

Bullying and its Effects

Bullying in the workplace can be a constant source of apprehension and pain that damages an individual’s health both physically and psychologically. Victims often suffer migraines, insomnia, high blood pressure and ulcers as well as a variety of added ailments or psychologically issues. Being constantly exposed to bullying can prove detrimental to the productivity and efficiency of the worker. Any employee who is being bullied is entitled to instruct a solicitor to take their case to the Birmingham Employment Tribunal for redress.

Employers who ignore or neglect bullying in their business will face downturns in profitability and productivity due to:

  • lost motivation in workers caused by reduced morale
  • a reduction in quality and quantity in work results
  • an increase of departures of trained and experienced workers
  • worker absences & time lost due to additional stress and poor health
  • compensatory damages and or penalties demanded by the Employment Tribunal

Employers Responsibilities

Contained within the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 are provisions that require employers to take care of the safety, health and welfare to their workers. Those employers who do not comply with the Act, could be judged in both the Civil Court and in the Birmingham Employment Tribunal as negligent and therefore in breach of contract. The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 declares that certain instances of bullying in the workplace can be judged as criminal in nature, which could result in fines or imprisonment, not just for the offender but also for management if the situation was allowed to continue unimpeded.

How to Resolve Bullying in the Workplace

Workers enduring bullying in the workplace should, in the presence of their supervisor, directly appeal in a non-threatening manner for the offender to put an end to the bullying If a direct request to cease fails you should file a formal complaint with management or a union representative and then promptly contact a solicitor who handles employment law.

To assist your solicitors to claim compensation, keep records or a log of the incidents of bullying, with particular details such as, dates and times of the incident and the location. If the incident took place outside of the workplace, but may have been related to work, record the names of everyone involved including witnesses and keep a detailed written record of the incident. Even seemingly trivial jokes or antics, especially those related to sexual innuendos or racial slurs, could establish an abusive pattern of systematic bullying.

Legal Advice:

Legal advice is offered by our solicitors on a no win no fee basis. You and one of our solicitors will agree on a percentage of any compensation to be paid to us in the case of a favourable outcome. This agreement will occur prior to us taking your claim, to prohibit hidden fees or surprises. If we fail to win, you don’t pay anything.