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Equal opportunities for the employment of disabled people are guaranteed by the Disability Discrimination Act 1996. This Act makes fair treatment in the workplace for individuals with disabilities mandatory; both mental and physical impairments are covered. People with impairments or disabilities must receive equal and fair treatment in all facets of employment, starting with recruitment, during training and in regards to promotions and benefits. Failure to comply with the regulations means that a disabled person whose needs are not being met by an employer can instruct a solicitor to pursue a claim for compensation before the Birmingham Employment Tribunal.

The Disability Discrimination Act defines a person with a disability as an individual who is mentally or physically impaired with permanent or long-term consequences that affects their capability to participate in the routine functions of daily living. If you are not sure about whether your specific condition is addressed in this legislation, call us today, or for the hearing impaired send an email. One of our employment solicitors will give you advice on specific queries that you may have.

The Disability Discrimination Act outlines various requirements and responsibilities for employers. Accommodating the needs of people with disabilities is one of those requirements and moderate or reasonable alterations are essential in order to comply with the law. Damages awarded in the Birmingham Employment Tribunal can be substantial with no cap on the amount of compensation.


The Disability Discrimination Act states that disability discrimination occurs in two different ways. One such violation happens if an employer deliberately deals with an employee who is disabled, differently than other able bodied workers. The second way an employer violates the Act is if the employer fails to make expected or acceptable alterations to meet the needs of disabled employees. If you employer has failed you, please call our offices and speak to an employment solicitor for help and guidance.

Code of Practice

A code of practice entitled "Elimination of discrimination in the field of employment against a disabled person or persons who have had a disability" is published by Her Majesty’s Stationery Office (HMSO). The intent of this code is to provide guidance to trade unions and employers to make provisions in the employment of people with disabilities and to refrain from discriminating against disabled people.

On October 1994 new rules were published which compel businesses to carry out specific alterations to physical structures in all establishments in order to accommodate any disabled employees. The main reason for these regulations is to ensure that obstacles are removed so that people with disabilities have access to the premises. The "Code of Practice - Rights of Access, Goods, Facilities, Services and Premises” outline the regulations for reference.

Legal Advice

Our employment solicitors provide representation in claims before the Birmingham Employment Tribunal. By taking advantage of the no win no fee scheme our solicitors make your claim a no risk proposal, if your solicitor does not get compensation for you, then you don’t pay. If you are not compensated, neither is our solicitor. We offer free advice with no further obligation. Simply call our helpline or email us today. We can take the details of your claim over the phone or if you are hearing impaired we will take instructions for your claim completely by email.