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Our solicitors specialise in employment law. They deal with the complicated issues involved in workplace race discrimination in Birmingham. If you have a dispute with your employer that you believe is race related, instruct one our discrimination solicitors to negotiate with your employer or if appropriate, make application to the Birmingham Employment Tribunal to mediate the dispute.

Racial Discrimination at Work:

If you believe that you were subjected to biased treatment in your place of work in Birmingham that was based on race, national or ethnic background or your colour you might have a racial discrimination compensation claim that is actionable by our specialist solicitors. In order to make a determination of discrimination based on race, intent is not important, normally if the act or acts are determined to be damaging and produce unfavourable treatment, the intent to do harm does not need to be established.

Improper or illegal acts are distinguished as either Indirect or Direct:

Direct Discrimination:

Direct racial discrimination points to individuals of a select race receiving certain privileges, such as promotion or better working conditions over equally qualified persons in the same position or those that are denied promotions or privileges based on their race. Acts of persecution or provocation by co-workers or employers that are racially motivated are also “direct discrimination”.

Indirect Discrimination:

Indirect race discrimination is the occurrence of employment policies that appear to be impartial at first glance but on further examination impede those of certain races or ethnic backgrounds from getting a desired position. Take for instance a policy that dictates that employees in management positions keep their hair short; this policy may affect a Sikhs’ ability to get promotion to management, as they are required by convictions of faith to wear their hair long under their turbans. Some policies are therefore deliberately enacted to preclude the application for certain positions based on race.

Race Relations Act:

Racial prejudice or acts of race discrimination in the workplace which can be taken to the Birmingham Employment Tribunal by a race discrimination solicitor are covered by applicable legislation and provide guidance for situations of employment in the following areas:

  • application process
  • employment
  • termination
  • terms of employment
  • salary
  • benefits
  • training
  • promotions
  • transfers

Positive Discrimination:

In some cases, “positive discrimination” is allowed due to a certain race or ethnicity being an under-represented minority (UNM) within an organisation or where an actor needs to be a certain ethnicity to fill a particular role for a movie or on TV.

Legal Advice:

Legal advice is offered on a no win no fee* basis. You and one of our race discrimination solicitors will agree on a percentage of any compensation to be paid to us in the case of a favourable outcome. This agreement will occur prior to us taking your claim, to prohibit hidden fees or surprises. If we fail to win, you don’t pay anything.


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