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Subsequent to instructing an employment solicitor to represent you in a case of racial harassment, they will attempt to negotiate a fair and equitable settlement with your employer. If the process of negotiation fails then an application will be made to the Birmingham Employment Tribunal for compensation. Our solicitors operate the risk free no win no fee scheme and if the claim doesn't succeed then you pay nothing. Email or phone us for legal advice at no cost and with no obligation.

What Constitutes Racial Harassment?

Racial harassment is a type of racial discrimination. An individual becomes a victim of racial harassment if subjected to offensive or unfavourable treatment based on their national origin, race, colour or ethnicity. There are numerous different practices which may constitute direct racial harassment including verbal provocation, slander or isolated physical attacks. Racial harassment can also take the more subtle form of bullying which is a succession of seemingly trivial or insignificant incidents, but when considered together amount to racial harassment. Claims based solely on an opinion of a person’s prejudice will not succeed. Prejudice is a perception about how certain groups act whereas harassment is represented by acts which by law are unacceptable.

Statutes Regarding Racial Harassment

There is no explicit statute that comprehensively deals with racial harassment which is actually dealt with by reference to:

  • Race Relations Act 1976
  • Sex Discrimination Act 1975
  • Protection from Harassment Act 1996
  • Criminal Justice & Public Order Act 1994
  • Disability Discrimination Act 1995

Evidence Preservation

Victims who have suffered racial harassment in the workplace and intend taking their claim to the Birmingham Employment Tribunal for an award of compensation can greatly increase their chances of success if they obtain and preserve evidence of wrongdoing or unlawful acts in order to assist their solicitor. Recording relevant information is extremely important as follows::

  • Keep detailed notes or a log filled with specific circumstances of harassment. Specifics should consist of dates, times and locations as well as names of witnesses or harassers.
  • Promptly inform a superior, the offender’s superior if known immediately after any incident of harassment and keep a note in your log or diary.
  • If the superior’s actions have no effect, then lodge an official complaint with a trade union official or management. Use your log or diary to record the specifics.

Legal Advice

Our employment law solicitors utilise the risk free no win no fee scheme for claims that go before the Birmingham Employment Tribunal. During the initial consultation process you solicitor will agree on a specific percentage of the award to be paid in the event of a a successful claim that results in compensation being paid. If we don’t win then we don’t get paid.