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There are four main sub-divisions of race discrimination law with racial victimisation being one of the four. The Race Relations Act 1976 holds employers liable for damages if an employee is subjected to harassment due to making application for a hearing before the Birmingham Employment Tribunal in a claim for racial discrimination. This concept also applies if an employee suffers from harassment when offering information or evidence in support of another claimants case before the Birmingham Employment Tribunal.

Race Relations Act 1976

Encompassed in this statute are protective measures that make it illegal for employers to discriminate against workers because of national origin, colour, race or ethnicity. There is no particular requirements pertaining to minimum work hours per week or duration of employment. The statute makes it clear that intent is irrelevant and employers are liable for any discriminatory practices except when they have taken positive measures to prohibit and deter discrimination. When an employee believes that they have experienced racial victimisation, they should ask thier solicitor to refer the matter to an Employment Tribunal as soon as possible because there are time limits. Awards of damages can be substantial and there is no cap on the amount that can be ordered to be paid by the employer to the victim.

Legal Advice

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