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Obtaining compensation in a sex discrimination claim starts by instructing an employment law solicitor who will attempt to negotiate a settlement with your employer failing which the solicitor will make an application for compensation to the Birmingham Employment Tribunal. which will have regard to the following statutes:

  • The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 – Established that negative differential management of employee interests based entirely on marital status and/or sex is illegal.
  • The Equal Opportunities Commission Code of Practice 1985 – Established that a concept of equal opportunity must be provided to both women and men at work and when applying for employment.
  • The Equal Pay Act 1970 – Established that an employer must give equal pay and equal benefits to both men and women who perform similar or the same work.
  • The Employment Equality Regulations 2003 – Established that employers who are discriminating against employees because of sexual preference or sexual orientation are acting unlawfully or illegally.

Two Categories of Sex Discrimination

The two elementary categories pertaining to sex discrimination are: Indirect and Direct:

  • Direct Discrimination is expressed by episodes when an employer or management obviously and brazenly mistreats or mishandles a worker based on gender.
  • Indirect Discrimination is significantly more implied than direct. The employer tries to be more discreet or attempts to divert his intent. The employer employs obstacles against workers to block advancement or deny a certain sex the same opportunities as the other. Consider an instance where an employer, knowing that he only wants men in a particular position, also knows that men are normally taller than women, then unjustifiably makes it a requirement for applicants to be greater than six feet in height.

Pregnancy Discrimination

Pregnancy discrimination is a particular kind of sex discrimination. It is unlawful for management to terminate the employment of a pregnant woman or threaten dismissal when she attends antenatal appointments. Another unlawful practice is not allowing a woman to return to her position after taking maternity leave.

Legal Advice

Our employment law solicitors deal with compensation claims heard by the Birmingham Employment Tribunal by using the risk free no win no fee scheme. You do not have to pay anything upfront and in the unlikely event that you do not receive compensation, you will not be charged any legal costs. If you would like legal advice without further obligation from an experienced employment solicitor just call the helpline or complete the contact form or email our offices.

Note: The concept of 'positive sex discrimination' may not be unlawful in certain circumstances. It can be lawful and even necessary to employ same sex employees as toilet attendants or models of a particular gender for clothing advertisements etc.