Surrendered Policies

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We deal with endowment mis selling claims on a no win no fee basis and if the complaint is unsuccessful we will not make any charge to you. Our claims are completely risk free and you will not have to pay for any expenses during the course of the claim. If you would like free advice on the telephone, without obligation, just complete the contact form.

Even if you have already surrendered your policy or ceased payments or converted your mortgage to a repayment method but still have the endowment as a savings policy you can still make a claim if you received less than professional advice when you took out the policy. Our experts are able to guide you through the technical difficulties of making a claim and only charge if they succeed in recovering compensation.

The instances below outline just some of the possible circumstances where compensation may be awarded.

  • Failure by the seller of the policy to give adequate advice on the associated risks of a Stock Market investment linked policy failing to achieve adequate value to pay off the mortgage at the end of the term, provided that you would not have taken out that particular policy had you been aware of the risks involved and would have either taken out an alternative policy or would have made other arrangements for re-payment of the mortgage.
  • Failure by the seller of the policy to outline the alternative methods available to pay off the capital sum outstanding on the mortgage.
  • Failure by the seller of the policy to outline all legal and investment charges and charges for administering the fund or brokers charges which would effectively reduce the amount invested or recovered for you at the end of the term.
  • Failure by the seller of the policy to adequately outline how the life company would invest the monthly premiums. Endowment mis selling has occurred if you did not accept and understand the risk of the investment stagnating or reducing or failing to achieve the anticipated potential value proposed by the life company.
  • Failure by the seller of the policy to project the repayment position into the future to ensure that the repayments could still be made in future years particularly in regards to the ability to pay premiums in the event of normal retirement.
  • If the seller of a second or subsequent policy advised that one or all of any previous policies should be cashed in prior to taking out a new policy. This is technically known as ‘churning’ and effectively results in the salesman receiving a considerably higher commission on the sale of the new policy than he would have done had he merely effectively ‘topped up’ any previous policies.

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